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for any year,  make & model.
Original & after market.

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OEM standards.

We are, Auto Glass Professionals.

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When it comes to a windshield people think that it's just to protect them from the wind, the  
rain, bugs, etc. Not knowing that a windshield is an important structural element of a car.    
In a front impact accident, it helps keep you and your passengers in the car. It keeps your  
car's airbag in the optimum position so it can function as designed. A windshield is also      
designed to prevent the roof from crushing in during a rollover accident.                             
A windshield is made out of two pieces of glass with a very thin layer of vinyl                       
sandwiched between them. The three pieces are laminated together and that's why a         
windshield does not shatter like the side and rear glass windows, but when a windshield     
cracks, it's exposed to delamination. This dangerously reduces the structure of your           

A cracked windshield is a weak windshield and it may affect its proper function.              
The  longer you wait the longer the crack will get and by this the easier it will be                
for the cops to notice it, a ticket might  cost  $130, $240 or more depending on                   
the area you're in.                                                                                                                  

Whether your windshield has a stone chip or it's cracked is unsafe.              

Don't wait until the problem gets bigger !!!!       

We carry original & after market auto glass that meets OEM (Original Equipment              
Manufacturer) regulations.                                                                                                 

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